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Download a Demo Version of LunarPhase Pro

This demonstration version of the software shows off all the features of LunarPhase Pro (Version 2). The file is an 11.5Mb download. This new demo now supports OpenGL 2.0 and will also run on Win XP x64. Some notes on the demonstration version:

  1. Some screens have been partially disabled but some settings on those screens can be changed so you can get an idea of how the screens work
  2. Some functions have been disabled
  3. The date in the demo is fixed at March 8, 2006 and cannot be changed, although you can change the time during that date
  4. Screens that display ephemeris type information will only show data between January and June 2006
  5. The resolution of the maps on the atlas (Lunar Explorer) screen are low-res only
  6. Only a representative sample of features from the database are included, but these will let you try out the feature labelling and feature identification functions
  7. A selection of eyepiece and telescope combinations are provided to try out the emulation of the view of the Moon through those combinations (new combinations cannot be added)
  8. Aside from that, you can play around with the software to see what it's capable of.

This Demo can also display the Moon's orientation as seen in the sky (its Parallactic angle) and maps from the Lunar Explorer screen can be printed out so you can see what they look like. It's also possible to print out the list of Terminator features which include any observing notes that have been recorded for those features.

Download LunarPhase Pro Demo Here

P.S. Remember that all future Version 3 upgrades are free.

P.P.S LunarPhase Pro is now used in these countries around the world: USA, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, UK, Ireland, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Hungary, Croatia, South Africa, Mauritius, Cyprus, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

While the software was originally written with astronomy in mind, it's now used by an eclectic mix of people: amateur astronomers, teachers, fishermen, gardeners, military people, photographers, teachers, stockbrokers, astrologers and Wiccan!