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I am completely gobsmacked with what you have produced. When my LX200 arrives at the end of October I can assure you I will be making good use of the Rukl map, both the book and definitely the LunarPhase Pro version as well. A bloody good job cobber, keep up the good work. - Richard Arnold
I'm very happy to confirm how very useful LunarPhase (and now LunarPhase Pro) has been for me over the years since I first subscribed. I'm principally an astro-photographer (we should really be saying "astroimager" now I suppose) and in that work the information available in LunarPhase Pro is invaluable. At the moment I'm using it for a year long libration imaging study. - H.J.P. Arnold
LunarPhase Pro is essentially a moon observer's tool kit with nice features for calculating libration and colongitude information...LunarPhase Pro is the ultimate Moon observers toolkit...LunarPhase Pro is a wonderful program that does it all. - Sky & Telescope
I first bought LunarPhase Pro in March 2007 and have used it extensively since - great software!
- Derek Hufton
Your software is very handy. Now I don’t have to calculate the timing of features on the terminator using Rukl’s atlas. That’s worth the price right there.
- Dave Jurasevich
In comparison to other Moon observing software I've seen, LunarPhase Pro is streets ahead. - Astronomy Now
I love this program! - David A. Roger
In addition to providing good graphics, the program is sophisticated enough for advanced observers, and provides lots of data - all of it immensely useful when planning observations or researching observations or circumstances. A database of almost 2,000 lunar features is included, with local sunrise/sunset times at those features - an excellent feature...If you want accurate lunar data at your fingertips, and/or you are a lunar observer, I recommend this program. It will undoubtedly enhance your lunar observing experience. - Popular Astronomy (Soc. of Popular Astronomy)
...its nicely designed and quite versatile, making LunarPhase Pro useful to observers of all levels. - Astronomy Magazine
It's quite user-friendly, even for a computer amateur like me, and will enhance your understanding of our nearest neighbour, as well as helping you to get the best from your observing of it. - Terry Moseley, (Pres. Irish Astronomical Association)
If you click on the Play button, the phase and libration shifts to the first of the month. From there, it plays like a movie, with the terminator moving across the surface and the moon shifting to show the proper libration at each point. A clock at top shows the date and time for each frame in the animation. At this point in the review process I ceased to be a lunar observer, and became a kid with a new toy. This has to be the coolest feature! - Chuck Taylor
Gary! Great job! I love the Very High Resolution maps!...Very nice. The straight wall and surrounding area are magnificent on first look! Well done. Love it! - Steve Smythe
Let me add that Gary's fine program is one of the few...the two or three...that I use day in and day out, month after month after month. - Rod Mollise, Author of: Choosing and Using a Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
Only 3 words: REALLY GREAT........ Bravo!!! - Philippe Hakke
LunarPhase Pro is one marvelous piece of kit! It's right up there with Rukl's Atlas. - T. Cole
You provide the most amazing tech support for your product. Have you ever thought about consulting for Bill Gates? - Del Croom
Thank you for creating LunarPhase Pro. What an incredible blessing it is for my children, actually the whole family. - Rebecca Burns
The CD arrived today and from what I have seen so far is superb!! Thank you very much, I can not imagine how I ever managed without it! - Ian Sharp
I am in Iraq stationed north of Baghdad, and I saw your program and really liked it. I fly Apache helicopters for the U.S. Army and the phase of the moon has a lot to do with our missions at night. The Apache doesn't need illumination from the moon for night flying because our night system is infrared imagery, but we support ground troops who use night vision goggles that do require illumination from the moon. This program will help me keep up with moon phases without checking our weather reports. - Glenn Phelps
..the animated libration for any month is superb and, as the programme has developed it has speeded up...Its predictions of what my Eyepiece/telescope combinations will actually see are spot on. Plus very easy contact with Gary Nugent, the author, on hand to field suggestions or problems. - Martin Frey
I am very happy with your product. It is more than I thought it would be. I have spent hours studying the moon on my first day with Lunar Phase Pro. I have learned more tonight than I have learned the last number years of reading and sighting the moon through my telescope. And the weather hasn't bothered a bit! Thanks, Gary, for helping me through the installation process. Your customer service is excellent. I am very happy. - Gary Cowles
Let me be the first to say...I am OVERWHELMED!!!!! The program is simply OUTSTANDING!!! - Chuck Lee
Using LunarPhase Pro has indeed been very useful in my classroom. In my observational astronomy class, we emphasize the observational arts over the physics of astronomy. Students are taught about the skies, constellations, how to set up and use a telescope and a binocular. In addition, I have a fundamental belief that any good scientist, whatever his chosen discipline, must be an excellent observer. You cannot be an acute observer without practice. But one must also have a known mark to shoot at. I am using LunarPhase Pro to teach aspects of lunar motion (such as libration) but also as an excellent real time atlas which students can use to compare their sketches and photographs to. The problem with any static atlas, of course, is that it does not take account of libration, apogee to perigee movement, etc. To be able to analyze one's work, you must have an accurate comparison, LunarPhase Pro admirably provides that. - Daniel Barth
I gotta say, I'm really impressed by your rapid response to my inquiry. I was as impressed by it as I am by your programs which I think are great. I'm going to upgrade to JupSat Pro right now. - Steve Ernst
Just a quick note to let you know I got the LunarPhase Pro CD that you sent me and everything is working great. Although I'm just getting started with backyard astronomy, I'm hoping it will encourage me and my family to learn more about the moon. I'll be happy to promote your software to other astronomy enthusiasts we meet.- Bob Cochran
I have now had a good explore of LunarPhase Pro and I must say it is a really nice piece of software, well worth the money. I can only give it a thorough 'thumbs-up'. Very nice and I'm sure it is going to come in very handy with all my lunar explorations. - Mark Zambelli
I'm forever amazed at the terrific support that you provide! Many Thanks. - N. Taylor
It's a great program. I've only had it about a month. I thought the 1.7X version was nice. The 2.00 version is awesome! - Roger Anderson
Support for the software is excellent...Gary is very responsive to requests for enhancements. I would highly recommend this software, a steal at only $39.95 with five bucks off if you download rather than get the CD. I bought it!! - K. Berwick
Pretty chuffed with the CD. Still exploring disk but this will be of much use to me.- Phillip Parker
It's one of those bits of software that does what it says and you don't seem to mind paying for it. I keep finding extra little parts to it every time I use it. - Philip T.
Just downloaded the 2.00 of LunarPhase Pro and it looks great! Very nice enhancements that I've gone through so far! Excellent work. - Steve Smythe
Thanks very much for your timely and great support. - Julian Parks

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